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I believe that women need to be in front of the lens, not behind it. Why? Because from the first moment you find out you are going to be a mother, your whole life changes. It doesn't stop changing. 

I capture the magic that is motherhood. 

The incredible beauty of YOU and your little loves.

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My Story

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Hey guys!


My name is Hanna. I am a local Camden mum to two (not so little anymore!!) children, who's childhood seemed to have passed by in the blink of an eye. 

It became my mission to capture them as they grow, and preserve the memories of them, like a human time capsule, totally consumed by all the fleeting and wonderous moments of their childhood. But all of a sudden 8 years passed and I wondered... who captured me? Who captured my growth, my journey into motherhood and all the wondrous and fabulous moments I have had with my children and my family?

I decided that capturing the magic that is motherhood would be my main focus, because I want you to be seen! Through all the changes of your life, becoming a mother is the biggest by far, and I want to help you see the magic in that.

Your body may no longer feel like your own, but I will show you how beautiful you truly are.  I know exactly which dress to put you in so you feel incredible. I know how to capture the rawness and true love of your motherhood journey. You DESERVE to have beautiful memories. You are AMAZING!  

I cannot wait to meet you, and celebrate you.

Hanna x

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