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Willowdale Park

Updated: Jan 11

Willowdale park is a gorgeous, nature filled adventure style park which is great for kids to run

around, explore and use their imagination.

Once they get stuck into playing, they will very quickly forget they're in the middle of subrubia!

Willowdale Park boasts a wonderful array of natural materials turned into a great playground for kids of all ages. This one really impressed me. It's less about the actual playground equipment and more about how they've used natural material to create an incredible play space for our kids to explore.

The Playground

The main attraction when you approach this park is the rope bridge that leads to the cubby house and slide. This towers over the entire park and is a great lookout spot for the kids!

There are several ways to get up to the rope bridge - my kids favourite was climbing up the big sandstone steps

It also has 2 huge Flying Foxes, a toddler and a normal swing, and small nest swing

On the other side you will find a few big sandpits with balance beam courses, diggers, spinny things.

If you climb back up the sandstone steps you'll find a big round spinny tap which pumps water out. Little ones will love getting their feet wet, and following the little trails of water created in the sandstone blocks (not enough water to need a change of clothes).

Who is this park for?

This park is great for toddlers who love to play in the sand. The diggers and the balance beams would all be great fun for them. The slide isn't accessible for little ones unless they are super brave or a parent goes up with them. They would also love the little water play section.

There are no fences surrounding this park, however there is quite a lot of green space between the playground and the road

Older kids would love this park for the adventure elements - hide and seek, turning the cubby into a club house, racing along the balance beams and speeding along the flying fox.

There's also lots of grassed space to kick a ball around too.

What facilities does this park have?

As well as 4 covered picnic tables, this park has SO MUCH seating. Lots of bench seats around the park, and plenty of trees overhead for shade.

2 x FREE electric BBQs

Clean toilets with a couple of baby change table

You could spend a good few hours here and even host a party in this park.

What did the kids think?

The balance beams and water station was cool but there was some graffiti with bad language in the cubby. I think all kids would love this park


I loved the water area. I think people aged 4 - 80 can go here because if parents can't take their kids, maybe their grandparents can take them


Want to see more?

Check out my Instagram Reel with a little video showing the best elements of this park


Cnr Baden Powell Ave and Jamboree Avenue, Denham Court

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